My First Diaper Wreath

So I created my first diaper wreath this summer.
A friend of mine's wife is due in July.
His friends were asked to participate in a Diaper Shower for him.
I figured this was the perfect time to try my hand at the Diaper Wreath.

I started by Googling; "How to make a diaper wreath".
I used this WikiHow link to get a basic idea.

I purchased a 16" Styrofoam wreath from Michael's.
Unfortunately, they didn't have any smooth Styrofoam wreaths.
So to make it nicer, I wrapped the wreath with white Duck Tape.

I continued by wrapping the Duck Taped wreath with some
Offray 2.5" Floral Ribbon in Cosmic Glitz Purple and Citrus.

Here's a close up on the Purple Cosmic Glitz.

I started attaching the diapers.
I used eighteen size 5 Luvs diapers.
I loved the purple and green zoo motif.

I used rubber bands to secure each diaper.
Then I tied 3/8" Offray satin ribbons in Regal Purple and Kiwi to finish them off.

I completed the wreath by attaching two Offray Perfect Bows in Purple and Apple Green.
I attached a couple matching teethers in purple and green at the top.
The final touch was to tuck travel sized Johnson's baby products and washcloths in the diapers.

Needlessly to say, the wreath was a HIT!