Xmas 2009

This Christmas was very tight (financially) for me.
So, being the crafty girl I am, I decided to make all of my gifts this year.

I first decided to create some fun accessories for my teenage cousins.
I used this pattern as a starting off point to create these.

This first one was made for my fifteen year old cousin, Heather.

I used Duck Brand duct tape in black and chrome.

This purse was specially made for my 17 (almost 18) year old cousin, Felicia.

Once again, I used Duck Brand duct tape in green and white.

Both bags were made almost completely with duct tape,
they do include a cardboard bottom base and
rectangular metal rings to attach the strap to the purses.

My next gift idea came from Jo-Ann.
I found this project sheet at work and thought, "Hey! I can do this."
I cleverly used my employee discount and coupons so I could afford the materials.

The checkerboard was created using scrapbook paper and sealed with Mod Podge.

The checkers are painted wood circles decorated with scrapbook paper.

Here's the back and...

It includes storage for the checkers!

I hope my 13 year old cousin Alex enjoys it.

I used skills I learned from my first swap to create these next three presents.

These were made with IKEA's MALMA mirrors,
scrapbook paper, embellishments, and sealed with Mod Podge.

Maria and Crystal loved them!

I also made these adorable Cupcake Ornaments for each of my aunts,
but I forgot to photograph them.

I enjoyed making presents for everyone,
but I definitely should have started earlier.

At least I've learned something for next year.